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Dstl is the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Here, we harness world-leading science and technology to protect our nation – bringing together the best people, with the best ideas, in sometimes unexpected ways.

It’s unique and fascinating work. We provide the UK government with specialist science and technology research, advice and analysis. That makes what we do often sensitive or international in nature. Much is operationally critical and has the potential to save many lives. All of it is incredible.

We work with lots of other incredible people too – from small companies and world-class universities to large defence companies and other nations. Together, we develop battle-winning technologies, based on deep and widespread research, to support UK military operations now and in the future.

For ambitious, motivated and curious apprentices, it’s the chance to work on unexpected challenges and deliver unexpected solutions.

Find the unexpected talents inside yourself.

To read more about our career opportunities please download our brochure.

I won’t get a good qualification

Yes, you will – apprenticeships range from NVQ level to a masters degree, with more subject areas being developed all the time.

There aren’t many apprenticeships around

In 2016 apprenticeships were available in 1,500 jobs roles covering more than 170 industries according to Rate My Apprenticeship. The government has committed to three million apprenticeship opportunities by 2020.

If I don’t go to university I’ll miss out on student life

Although you may still choose to live at home, you will study alongside other apprentices in a similar position and have access to the same student discounts you would at university. With the money you earn you could step out and live on your own, or choose to complete an apprenticeship that is further away from home.

Employers don’t value apprentices

As an apprentice an employer is investing in you personally as their future talent. At Dstl you will have access to a mentor and all the tools required to learn. You will have opportunities to work alongside world experts in their field, not something you can always get at university.

I’m too old to be an apprentice

You are never too old to become an apprentice. There is no upper age limit to start an apprenticeship – you just need the drive to learn. You can even start an apprenticeship in a new career path.